Flat Roof Repair

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flat roof repair flat roof repair

If for whatever reason, you have a flat roof in your home and you have a problem with it then it can cause all sorts of problems that you need to understand fully before you can decide what’s best to do. To begin with there are many reasons why a flat roof can get a problem, it also can depend on what kind of roof you have, but usually some kind of roof leak is involved. Leaks are bad and need to be fixed quickly before wood rot and other damage sets in and can make the situation a whole lot worse and even more expensive!

If you have roof that need repairing, there are 2 main ways to resolve the situation. The first is to call in a Professional Roofing Company to sort it out for you. Choose the company wisely, try and get recommendation from friends or family on good companies, or if you have no luck there are usually local trade bodies that will have recommended lists of flat roof repair companies that you can contact. If you choose to use a local roof specialist to fix the problem, they will give you an estimate of the costs and work involved to get the job done. If you go down this route, you will know that you have got a good job done and your roof will last for many years to come.

If however you are running on a tight budget you might want to attempt to solve the problem yourself, by going DIY. A DIY roof repair can be quite a daunting task, but by taking a look at the damage up close, which will involve getting a ladder to assess the situation properly you can see what need doing. See what kind of roof you have and see how extensive the damage is. It might be you have a rubber or asphalt roof, or maybe something different. Once you know what you are doing there are plenty of resources on line to help you fix the problem, or a better suggestion is to visit your local hardware store, where they will not only sell you the required materials to fix the roof, but also they will be happy to give you good sound advice on what best to do to tackle the problem.

If you are not sure what you are doing, perhaps the damage is more that you realised once you have taken a closer look at it, it may be best to get a specialist in, after all bodging a roof is only going to make the problem worse in the long run.

Don't forget the other things associated with damaged roofs, perhaps its leaking, into the interior of the house or outbuilding, use a bucket to catch the water, don't let it seep into the floor boards or you will end up with more secondary water damage. If you really must, use a plastic adhesive or a product like Mastic to seal up the internal leak - don't forget this is only a temporary roof fix and it really needs fixing properly.

If you can use a plastic sheet or tarpaulin to protect the outside of the roof, this will aleviate the water intrusion to some degree, but agan is only a temporary measure. And finally , its usually worth getting an expert to look at the problem, get a Estimate of the work involved to see if you can DIY the solution, but don't underestimate how difficult roof fixing is and if you are unsure is usually best to get the proffesionaly.