Tile Roofing

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tiled roof tiled roof

Due to the fact there are many different types of tile roofing available, getting the choice that’s right for you can sometimes be a bit complicated. If you are renewing your roof completely from scratch then there are many things to consider, if however you are replacing existing roof tiles because they are broken, worn or just old, then the selection is much easier.

If you are replacing tile, then you should either take a close-up photograph and print it out, or if possible take one of the broken tiles along to the builder’s yard or DIY store when you go to purchase your tiles. Before you do this make sure you get as accurate measurements of yours roofs dimension so that you can get the right number of tiles ordered. You friendly builders yard or DIY store will help you calculate how many you will need, don't forget some tiles overlap more than others so the calculation isn't quite as simple as it might seem at first. Also allow for breakages and accidents, as well as tiles that may need to be cut.

If you are buying a whole new roof, the kind of tile that you choose will be determined by the environment you live in. For example is it very cold or hot. If the climate is very windy and rainy, then clay tiles are not really suitable, they are not hardy enough; you should instead look to be using a slate tile. It this climate slate will weather well and provide a water tight roof for your home.

It also worth considering how your home is constructed when choosing tiles. If the construction is timber framed rather than stone or brick, heavier tiles might not be advisable without providing extra support to the infrastructure of the building - this may cost more to implemented and make the excise too expensive in the long run.

If you want a roof that will last a long time, then buying good quality tiles is a good idea, use a respectable merchant to purchase from, after all the tiles will be on the roof for upwards of 15 years or more and to be confident that they are weather tight and you won’t get a leaking roof after a few years it probably well worth making sure you get the best quality tiles, even if it does cost a few more pounds initially.